From the new LP, "FIGHT BACK"
MASSSSSIVE THANX (again) to Gerald Manns (

From the Album, "No Secrets Anymore"
MASSSSSIVE THANX to Gerald Manns (

OFFICIAL LIVE DVD FRESH GIG FOR BORED TEENAGERS Filmed at the Piano Dortmund, Germany 24th Nov. 2018

OUT NOW.!!!!!



Unser langjähriger Freund und Weggefährte Volker "Charlie" Brechensbauer ist von uns gegangen. Er wird immer ein Teil der CLOX-Familie sein.

R.I.P. Charlie

"Brother can you hear me
I'm feeling so alone
WE think that WE are mountains
But we're only cobble stones
Our days in Life are counted
Your cancer drew the line
Your cards were marked
Your dice were faked
You could Not win the fight"

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